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To encourage an active life style to all ages through Urban ball Room Dance. To educate and enhance the lives of young people through dance and education in life skills and financial literacy.

We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethical practices and respect of all people.

Dance Instruction

Our Mission

Jabulani was introduced to Urban Ballroom Dancing by Capers Tytus of Detroit MI. He continued to study and develop his dancing and instructional skills under the tutelage of Master Teacher Mack Hopson of Los Angeles.  Jabulani continues to develop and augment this dance and teaching skills by studying with Master instructors Kevin Collins and Bobbie Green of Detroit.

Ellary was introduced to and taught Urban Ballroom Dance by Jabulani.  She has studied with Master teacher/Dancer Kevin Collins of Detroit MI and credits Kevin with enhancing her development, and assisting her in refining her technique and styling.

Jabulani and Ellary have danced together for over five years. Together they have more than 20 years’ experience in couples dance. In the past four years they have provided dance instructions for students of all ages.  Encouraging a healthy and socially active life style for adults is one of their passions. 

Ellary and Jabulani are committed advocates for the positive development of youth and children. As such they have launched a dance series for youth that uses the vehicle of dance to educate in life skills and financial literacy. This series called, P.R.O.M (Promoting, Responsibility, Ownership, and Maturity), is a high energy six-week two-hour class, that provides youth with important social and interpersonal skills to enhance their future endeavors. Students receive certificates of completion at the culmination of the series. ​

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